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This was taken exactly one year apart. The figure on the left was when I was still in Peritoneal Dialysis. 3 months after that was my first lethal attack of Acute Pancreatitis. I switched to Hemo. The figure on the right was while Im using the Better  Body System together with my regular Dialysis.

 If you will meet me in person, you will mistake me as a regular healthy individual with my color and energy not unless I'll show you where my fistula is.


The most life changing moment of my life was to be diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. Ego-wrecking as well as a practicing Physical Therapist. My doctors found out that my GFR is only 11. Took biopsy and identified my specific diagnosis is Focal Segmental Glumerulosclerosis. 

A month before I was diagnosed I was experiencing metallic taste and bilateral ankle swelling. I feel dead tired at 4pm. Nauseated. My blood pressure is sky high and has ups and downs but still beyond the normal range. Very agitated at simple things. All of these are brought by Metabolic Acidosis massively activating inside my body. When my doctors confronted me with my diagnosis and my chances to live a normal life again but only through transplant, I cried. I thought about my partner,  my family, my dreams in growing professionally in my chosen career. Also asked, Will I still reach my 31st birthday? Will I still reach the age 40? 50? Everyday I am trying to accept the fact I will never live as long as everybody else.

I started reviewing my life since I was a kid on what possible factors that predisposes me to Chronic Kidney Failure. My mom used to give me and my brothers Theophyline for acute bronchitis attacks but that was so long ago. If that is the  main cause, my brothers will be predisposed too but I was the lucky one to have this in the family. I have no familial predisposition to KF. Will it be my 10 years exposure to U.S brand vitamins? I just learned from my recent doctor that some vitamins have hidden ingredients that mightbe not good for the kidneys. My affinity to fastfood products particularly burger and fries? My mom's influence on me to take diet pills? There are few incidence that she insist on me to take it because I was growing then after college.

Because of my Kidney's inability to process major electorlytes like sodium, phosporus and potassium, I cannot consume dairy products like I used to. No sodas. No cakes. No ice creams. No pasta. What a life. I am a chocolate lover, particularly Cadbury products. In my 3 years stay here in NY I've never been in Serendipity, where they serve these mouth watering chocolate ice creams. 

I was in peritoneal dialysis for 4 months but it only cause me much trouble. The day after I was interviewed by Don Tagala and featured by Gel Santos Relos of Balitang Amerika, I was rushed in the hospital because of Pancreatitis attacks. I stayed 1 month in the hospital. They took out my peritoneal catheter and converted it to hemocatheter because the PD is the one precipitating the Pancreatitis. I never watched the segment during the time it was aired because I was still in the Hospital. 2 distributors from this very promising health system product saw the video and was willing to extend their help regarding my case. They introduced me a homeopathic diet program they believe will increase my chance of getting better. I gave it a try.

The product was an alkalinic diet regimen. With my advance knowledge with the ph balance, I enrolled in the program. Many people don't know that diseases mostly comes from what we are eating today. Through modernization of food preparation, exchanging natural potassium of food with sodium, increases the acidity of food when catalyzed inside our body. Fried, glazed and process foods contain what we called Arachidonic acid. This form of acid will break down and process into prostaglandin which elicits inflammatory response. Inflammatory response, if becomes chronic and uncontrolled will grow into various diseases causing Metabolic Acidosis.


  • Kussmaul Breathing
  • Coma
  • Ketoacidosis
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Hyporeflexia

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Kidney Failure
  • Addisons disease


  • My 3 month experience in alkalinic diet was very riveting and jaw dropping as a clinician and as someone who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Now I am having second thoughts of undergoing Kidney Transplant in the near future. The following are my improvements;

  • Increase brisk walking speed, endurance covering 1.5 miles to 7 miles on weekdays and a mean value of 9 miles on weekends
  • Can sustain in 20-30 min elliptical training at maximum resistance
  • a change in ktv/v of 1.70 to 2.27 (US normal limit 1.4)
  • KECN values of 2.41 to 2.62
  • Improved hemoglobin value of 8 to 10.8
  • change of phospate binder dosage (sevelamer acetate) from 3 capsules per meal to 2 capsules
  • Increased bladder filling during dialysis. I frequently call for pee-breaks during dialysis because Im feeling the urge to pee and my duration of pee is more than 20 seconds, of continuous stream, and yellow color. Approximately more than a glass. It happens every first half of the session. Followed up by another good stream after dialysis. Not all kidney failure patient has bladder filling. I asked a few of my fellow patients that they can sense the urge of peeing but their bladder is empty
  • When off from machine, I noticed an improve in pee duration, stream from 6 seconds to 15 seconds. Output color from clear to yellow and less bubbly indicating less proteinuria.
  • Increase tolerance to cream cheese which belong to the food groups that is high in phosporus
  • Decrease in water weight retention from 3 kilos to a range of 1.7 kilos
  • Stable electrolytes value (potassium, sodium, phosporus) despite my special diet contains potassium
  • A1c values within normal limits which is one of the strong determinant if I am predispose of  having diabetes.
  • Increase stamina. You can ask my co workers how is my attitude during my shifts. My patients noticed that Im getting closer to my ideal frame. None of them knows I have Kidney Failure.
  • Less agitation and anxiety




My blood results while I was in the program. And dramatically goes on at its best up to the present.

      According to Dr. Bright and Dr. Yoshi, bacteria and other flu viruses cannot sustain an alkalinic environment. A person who has a well alkalinized system will not be susceptible to any airborne diseases. Bicarbonates are also present in our gastric mucosa. Together with our natural probiotics inside our stomach, it helps to buffer the acidity of food or medicines that we are usually taking ( e.g. aspirin). Most of our organs work well in a slightly alkaline floura. You can assess allergic reactions by determining the lympathic flow and kidney movement which was mentioned by Jean Pierre Barral in his book of Visceral Manipulation. During my workshop with Dr. Sandro Strix Toledo under Manual Medicine Group, I was able to know and feel the different movements of kidneys on different potential allergens. The science behind it is yet unknown but somehow it works. Allergic response is an acidic activity. Bicarbonates are also used to buffer radiation or chemotherapy for cancer patients.
Research proved that Potassium Bicarbonate is good in maintaining the integrity of your muscles and bones. According to Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, they conducted a randomized control; double blind study of alkali group and placebo group among subjects of 41-82 yrs of age in 41 days measuring urinary calcium and nitrogen. Fractional calcium absorption was also measured. Results of the study showed marked absorption of calcium in the alkali group and decrease urinary nitrogen. They also found out that insulin growth factors got increased.

In Southeast Asia, particularly Japan, practiced the use of Activated Charcoal; AST-120 (Kremezin). Its a dialysis free regimen for Chronic Kidney Failure patients in a form of oral capsules. The Japanese  approved it to prolong time for hemodialysis and decrease uremic symptoms in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Schulman G. et al conducted a multicenter, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled, dose ranging study to examine the effects of 3 doses of AST-120 versus placebo in adults with moderate to severe CKD and elevated serum indoxyl sulfate levels preceded by an adequate protein diet. 3 doses of AST-120 among the eligible subjects were used 3 times daily for 12 weeks versus the placebo group. Results showed decrease levels of serum indoxyl sulfate in a dose-dependent routine. Improvements in malaise was also noted among the participating subjects, although it did not affect with the serum creatinine levels. Korea also conducted a study using activated charcoal and results of triple composite end point of estimated GFR at 50% with improved urine protein excretion.
Bicarbonates has the ability to enhance cell growth. Dr. Nicholas Perricone has proven the anti inflammatory and anti-aging regimen within the natural food groups which are technically consist of alkalinic enzymes. He conducted a test on 2 women of the same age (I forgot how old); one will undergo a 28 day transformation program he himself recommends and one will undergo facial lift. After 28 days, skin of both women were examined and both had the same degree of a clear, wrinkle free skin. This can be concluded that free radicals cannot withstand alkalinity.

In Physical Therapy, we study alkaline and acid in order to determine which ions are we going to use  for Iontophoresis.  Hyaluronidaze is one of the alkalinic ions we used specifically for edema. Some doctor would use Hyaluronidaze in treating osteoarthritis. Injection forms are also used for ganglion cyst. Inflammatory response such as swelling and pain are by product of an acidic environment. Dermal ulcers were treated with Zinc to elevate tissue healing. Bicarbonate has the power to mediate inflammatory response and promote cell growth after a tissue trauma

Van de Poll et. al mentioned in their study that adequate exposure to bicarbonates increases growth hormones and insulin growth factors which facilitates cell growth, structure and function of kidneys.

Transport of nutrients are at well pace with some essential bicarbonates in the body. Bicarbonates can easily traverse the cell membrane. Makes the tissue on most of our various organs viable to recieve enough nutrients. Proteins, carbohydrates as well as fats are well digested with alkalinic enzymes. Problem catalyzing these 3 will lead to a metabolic disorder such as Diabetes. Diabetes, as we all know, is a problem related on how the body uses its glucose reserve. Insulin helps in transporting the glucose towards the muscles cells as a source of energy. When there is insufficiency or lack of insulin, the ability to carry the glucose is also decrease thats why you feel hungry always even you just ate a few minutes ago.

Dr. Marc  Sircus OMD, DM(P) mentioned on his article regarding sodium bicarbonate stating its primary purpose to jumpstart the kidneys. According to him, the Pancreas and Kidneys work together to maintain ph balance. It is already mentioned that one of the primary function of kidneys is to maintain acid-base balance. The pancreas produces bicarbonates to maintain the alkalinity of kidneys. Studies showed that people diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus has a strong chance of developing Kidney Failure within 5 to 10 years after being diagnosed.

    Every week I have an amazing transformation. I am encouraging medical experts to conduct double blind study for patients like me who still has the ability to urinate. And let no one will experience and have Chronic Kidney Disease in this generation and so on.


    One year after engaging to this alkalinic diet, I am persistently one of the curious case due to my surprising levels of Hemoglobin and Iron  levels, maintained rosy color, lower level dose of Erythropoeitin or sometimes given as needed (1.6 to 2k units, usual units given is 8k units for Kidney Failure patients), off with my anti hypertension meds because my blood pressure has been so stable from my first dose of 150mg/daily to 12.5mg in 6 months and presently...NONE. I am continuously peeing with slowly lessening of frothy consistency which is a sign of proteinuria. BUN and creatinine is still high but slowly going down at post dialysis levels. Still looking for more researches that will help me achieve an outstanding recovery. 

    Credits to Dr. Sandro Strix Toledo;
    Thanks for helping me with other sources

    To the Scientists behind BBs and my new fellow allies in promoting wellness, I am with you in saving lives

    Differential Diagnosis in Physical Therapy by Katherine Goodman, 4th edition

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    1. Hi!Your brother was the one who suggested I read your blog. I have ESRD as well, having 3x/week hd. This is very informative, i'll give this a try. Thanks! God Bless!

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