Friday, September 2, 2011


One of the most wonderful part of our body is the human heart. It's mechanism in order to sustain every part of our body move our baffled minds to comprehend more of it's existence and sustainability. God designed us so perfect, that every discovery or learning I have to understand the human body, I find HIM awesome,

I happened to witness an attitude of the physical heart that is not yet known to many.Most people of my own interest might be aware of it. This is something I want to share among people who keep on reading this page.

Our heart has it's distinct movement along with our breathing pattern. If you have a good "listening hand", the atrio-ventricular complex of each side rotate slowly on opposite direction. I found most people have their right atrio-ventricular complex move on downward direction during inhalation and the opposite complex in reverse. Enhancing/assisting the right AV complex movement can induce anyone to sleep in less than 45 minutes. It is so easy to put someone to sleep using that side. If your patient happened to be drowsy or lethargy, you can enhance the left side in order to regain it's energy during the day. Even the most sleepless individual can be awake whenever needed if you try to work on this side.

Still Skeptical?
Try it on your own.
And prove me wrong.

*Kudos to Jean Pierre Barral, and all of the Titans in Manual Medicine who shared with my growth in this field.