Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Photo taken last May 2010.THE STRUCTURAL BALL..when it comes to MANUAL MEDICINE, we see the human body like this....if you can make a good change on a single segment, one change will affect the adjacent structures or even as a whole. This also gave us an idea not to further manipulate the injured area but rather the opposite or distal/proximal area sharing the same fascial terrain to enhance good healing effects. 

According to Nicolas Bouffard et al., on their study about the effects of mechanical forces on transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-B1) and collagen deposition, during the course of healing phase this element has a major role in tissue remodelling, scarring and fibrosis. They found out that any tissue subjected to stretch induced-therapy will lessen the amount of TGF-B1 within the tissue and will adjunct collagen formation, thus will promote further healing on other injured surface parallel to that.

"All life is manifested in energy or  motion.
 Without motion, in some degree, 
there can only be death"
-W.G. Sutherland, Osteopathy in Cranial Field

Premises good to look at about Fascial Integration:
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Egoscue Tensegrity Approach
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