Thursday, June 2, 2011


My mom has this habit of taking us to the doctor whenever we got sick. Antibiotics, antitussives, expectorants and antipyretic. Name it. Going back then I would say that maybe my mom is suffering Manchausen Syndrome because of too much dependence on medical drugs, consultations and confinement. It's tiring to get sick and go through this process of healing like a vicious cycle. There are times whenever I feel coughing, I would rather not do it in front of my mom because I don't want to end up in the hospital. When she hears it I would just reason out that I'm just clearing my throat. It came to the point that she's already self medicating us. She's not even MD. She already have the MIMS. It is considered the bible of doctors in prescribing medicines. I was fully acquainted with the use of MIMS during college. We had this pharmacology subject then, familiarizing the adverse effects, side effects and even the dosage of the usual drugs we might hear in Physical Rehabilitation. Most of them where from the scope of Anti-Hypertensive, Anti-Arrythmic, Diuretics etc. I tried to search if there is a perfect drug that has no side effects or adverse effects but I failed to see one. I keep on asking "Why can't we avoid side effects? If we intended to avoid the symptoms/disease then why it has to have some compromise on other organs? Can healing process be as smooth without inducing such? Where can I find it?"

I tried to browse on the usual medications I had during childhood, and some of them had this adverse/side effects of affecting tendons/ligament extensibility. Then I began to conclude that these medications were the culprit why I could easily lost a footing when I was a kid. I hurt my knee when I was 11. During the injury process, I could still have the clear sequence of how I strained some lateral ligament in my left knee. It popped hard and went back to place immediately and in few seconds i realized I was in excruciating pain.

I am not against the pharmaceutical Industry, but I know a few doctors don't even rely on the meds they usually prescribe on their patients. With a lot of doctors I met since childhood, only a few of them would prescribe meds at the same time they will tell you the side effects.

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