Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I worked out some plyometrics training for my exercise program. I noticed that upon lying on my back during my modified abs training, my 9th-10 rib on the left side was hanging backward and up. It felt funny and I'm scared that I might have some spinal problems that might be the primary source of such deviation. I stopped and get a feel on how my ribs are positioned with respect to my spinal column. Activating my lamina 5 and 6 and generating impulses through my conscious and unconscious proprioceptive pathways in a span of seconds, I was able to figure out what to do to put it back in place on my own. I stood up, quarter turn against the wall, at the laterality of the affectation. I applied Muscle Energy and Strain-Counterstrain on my costochondral cartillages and I was able to put it back in place. Nice and easy. I'm proud of what happened. I do not intend to bullshit anyone who will read this, but  this is my way of sharing my scientific ideations and dedication to the practice. Before, I used to have injuries as a kid and doctors would advice immobilization and some monoplanar exercises. One doctor advised me to undergo operation for my left knee.  I injured it when I was 11. After it was healed, I developed some cartilaginous thickening on the lateral side, causing it to pop drastically when I bend my left knee. If ever I had the chance to see that doctor again, I would say SURGERY IS NOT NECESSARY FOR ME ANYMORE. I only consider Surgery as the best option for people who has an immovable mass or nodule recommended for invasive procedure. Compared to its previous state, my knees are in good shape with the help of multiplanar exercises and various integrated manual approach.  Manual Medicine helped me to understand not only other people's biomechanical differences but as well as my own. Modesty aside, my edge among my fellow practitioners, I CAN FIX MYSELF AS BETTER AS I CAN FIX ANYONE ELSE. THAT'S WHAT YOU CALLED PASSION.

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