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Energy Medicine is still included in the mysterious form of healing method. Tetada Talimasada, Reiki and Dorn were just a few methods that utilizes Energy to regain our  physiological and anatomical balance.  I believe each of us possess an inert energy, enough to relay other systems intent to a plausible movement (external or internal). As an advocate of Alternative and Contemporary Medicine, I would love to learn and share these things to the public and be able to integrate it on other methods that would encourage more holistic healing among those who are inflicted by various pains/illness brought by dysfunctions on major body domains (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental).

Energy as quantified by Albert Einstein is represented by E=MC2, were said to be all around us. From every form of matter be it solid, liquid or gas can emit energy. It is directly proportional to mass, which tells us that the larger the field the more energy it will require. We don't see them with our naked eye, but if you want to see a subtle example that energy exist; Light up a candle, have a sheet of paper or cardboard with you just enough to cover your hands. You may need an assistance for this activity to hold the cardboard or sheet parallel to the candle for atleast 1 inch distance. On the other side of the cardboard/sheet, place you hands, facing each other at the level of the fire on the candle but do not let your fingers touch the other side of the cupboard. Rub your palms together and you will notice that  the tip of the fire follow where the tip of your fingers move. This is just one of the example.

I supposed you know that the Choroid Plexus in our brain produces Cerebrospinal fluid and the excess was absorbed by the Pachonian granulations. The responsible stimuli that made our CSF travel in our CNS is still a mystery for the researchers up to now. There is no direct impulse coming from the brain and yet the CSF moves and maintain its rhythm and course (Sutherland). Can this be energy?

Osteopaths and other Manual Therapists learned to equip energy in the lightest form of intervention. One of the reason  why these methods have been diversified to address symptoms with or without contact. Very mind boggling but the school of thought exists connecting Energy Medicine to Manual Medicine.

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 "If we are going to be truly holistic, we have to look at the whole person and design therapies that encompass the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of illness."
          Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine 


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