Monday, June 6, 2011


When Einstein died, Dr. Thomas Harvey stole his brain and ran an autopsy on it. They found out it was rich in gray mater. Temporal lobes were prominent giving it a peculiar shape for a human brain. Scientists made a statistics that with his remarkable intelligence during his time, he had only use 50% of its brain. Average human being is only 0.1 -10%. In 1996, Britt Anderson had a study in University of Alabama regarding "Alterations in Cortical Thickness and Neuronal Density in the Frontal Cortex of Albert Einstein". He measured the thickness of its cortex and count the number of nerve cells in it, compared to 5 brains of men close to Einstein's age. He found out that there is no significant difference in cell counts and the size of cell bodies. He also concluded that Einstein's cortex is smaller compared to the control group. Another Canadian researcher explained that the more dense packed cortex has provided an edge to more processing time. Distance between nerve cells allow shorter interaction time.

Our brain is the most complex, multidimensional and powerful organ in our body, creating arrays of control in various systems/organs in order for us to survive our day to day existence. Each part of it has a corresponding task to take care of our breathing pattern, sleep-wake cycles, hormones, enzymes, hunger, satiety and other processes that are not known to common people. There are some techniques that would solve visceral problems or muscular tone problems through it. With its numerous pathways connecting to various structure in our body, its not impossible to produce a baffling input of healing on it. One of my mentors would tell us "If you can heal the mind, the body will follow". It make sense on my everyday practice. I used the brain as a vector force to have a positive effect on other structures concerned. MULTIDIMENSIONAL -In terms of emotions, our brain governs our emotions but it can be manipulated, reset on various emotions we want/need to. Internal vs. External Stimuli POWERFUL- Our brain could act beyond the scope of our body functions, let say with the mentalist. They can move objects through their minds without body contact. Things that I'm not well verse yet but considered flagrant.

Still surprised on various area of our brain that specific processes occur linking to our behavior/reactions to environment and other life forms. It gives me the thrill to belittle every concept that fully depicts its mechanism to put the entire world in place. Even if I tried to read a lot of books pertaining to the neural system, there will always be a room for questions on what else we missed as curious clinicians about other things our brain can manifest. What are the things that are yet to discover regarding our brains that will expand our clinical awareness and will benefit to the existence of mankind? As time flies,  everything is evolving, and there is always a room for change, I can't wait to discover more about the brain and everything associated on it. 

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