Thursday, June 9, 2011


I learned playing the piano when I was 8. I hate the basics of it. My teacher would ask me to master classical music but I was bored on it. During my idle time. I'd rather play it on some pop RNB. I would sneak into some piece in my mind that I would love to play. From BoyzIImen to other contemporary RNB that is sultry to everyone's ear. Until the age of 15, I developed the skill to play the music in my mind before I hit the key. My parents were caught dumbfounded how I was able to play without any piece in front of me. I don't know what other term you can name that kind of ability. As a kid, I knew it was a form of intuitive skills.

I looked up on other types of Intuition and among the 4 types, I have Clairsentiency. It is the ability to know information without seeing, feeling or hearing it first. I had it first when I first played the piano and it grew stronger when I was introduced to the concepts of Manual Therapy. Your mind is working like a scanner, once you feel a certain body part, you know how the structures underneath was arranged and positioned, you could easily determine any discrepancy in it---and your mind is processing too quick that you know where to fix it.  

I believe that most clinicians were experiencing what I have and was able to used that in there field of practice. A "gift" that I will always be thankful and will use it for the common good. 


  1. Hi Dionne, I just saw your post on fb so I thought I'd check out your blog.

    Your gift--clairsentiency, is wonderful. Thank you for talking about the different kinds of intuition. I have a blog ( in which I discuss Your Heart's Desire. It's based on the writings of another intuitive, Emmet Fox. In the course, Your Heart's Desire, I try to get people to see they need to clear their channels inside in order to be able to listen to their intuitions telling them what their true place in life is--what their destiny is. I focus on the ability to listen inside, to hear God's voice, but reading your experience has really broadened my definition of intuition. Thank you for that, and thank you for honoring the intuition of the body--the body is so often devalued in favor of the mind, but your intelligent focus helps me to see that our bodies are temples--of earth and stars--aand as such, they have many unique gifts and talents. Cheers, Joseph Anthony

  2. Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment. I would like to see your blog and learn from you. Speaking about intuition and other body of Science that would help understand how to create balance in different dimensions still baffles me and I can't stop learning from it. Feel free to comment on some of my entries. Let's talk more about life and healing. =)

  3. Hi dionne,
    You're welcome for the comment. It is a pleasure to find a fellow blogger exploring the many facets of healing--inside and out! Your enthusiasm for learning is wonderful--that's what it is all about--especially about creating balance. One thing I can offer on this is something I learned just a few months ago. I heard someone speaking about recovering from a profound spiritual/physical/emotional illness and he was questioned about how to balance his healing practices with the rest of his life, and he said, "I try not to look at them that way. A balance implies things opposing each other on a scale--my healing process and the rest of my life are ONE, not two separate things." That really stuck with me. So keep learning and thank you for sharing your discoveries. And thank you also for checking out my blog and commenting. My email is there if you'd ever like to chat. Cheers, Joseph Anthony P.S. One of the best forms of healing I found lately is EFT--Emotional Freedom Technique--it fuses accupressure and emotional healing. And seeing as everything's locked in the body somehow or other, it's a great help. Peace.

  4. Another P.S. dionne, I'd like to subscribe to your blog but didn't see a subscribe button. I'm a bit goofy around technology so I'm probably just missing it...Help :)

  5. Hi Joseph, just refresh the page and there is a follow button. Thanks =) About healing, yes there are lots of premises that healing should take place. Thats what I want to spill out here. I also want to combine concepts of intervention whether it be western approach or naturopathic way. It's nice to be of help with people running out of options and to open their minds on other possibilities of being well =)