Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today I worked out some plyometrics training for my exercise program. I noticed that upon lying on my back during my modified abs training, my 9th-10 rib on the left side was hanging backward and up. It felt funny and I'm scared that I might have some spinal problems that might be the primary source of such deviation. I stopped and get a feel on how my ribs are positioned with respect to my spinal column. Activating my lamina 5 and 6 and generating impulses through my conscious and unconscious proprioceptive pathways in a span of seconds, I was able to figure out what to do to put it back in place on my own. I stood up, quarter turn against the wall, at the laterality of the affectation. I applied Muscle Energy and Strain-Counterstrain on my costochondral cartillages and I was able to put it back in place. Nice and easy. I'm proud of what happened. I do not intend to bullshit anyone who will read this, but  this is my way of sharing my scientific ideations and dedication to the practice. Before, I used to have injuries as a kid and doctors would advice immobilization and some monoplanar exercises. One doctor advised me to undergo operation for my left knee.  I injured it when I was 11. After it was healed, I developed some cartilaginous thickening on the lateral side, causing it to pop drastically when I bend my left knee. If ever I had the chance to see that doctor again, I would say SURGERY IS NOT NECESSARY FOR ME ANYMORE. I only consider Surgery as the best option for people who has an immovable mass or nodule recommended for invasive procedure. Compared to its previous state, my knees are in good shape with the help of multiplanar exercises and various integrated manual approach.  Manual Medicine helped me to understand not only other people's biomechanical differences but as well as my own. Modesty aside, my edge among my fellow practitioners, I CAN FIX MYSELF AS BETTER AS I CAN FIX ANYONE ELSE. THAT'S WHAT YOU CALLED PASSION.

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Energy Medicine is still included in the mysterious form of healing method. Tetada Talimasada, Reiki and Dorn were just a few methods that utilizes Energy to regain our  physiological and anatomical balance.  I believe each of us possess an inert energy, enough to relay other systems intent to a plausible movement (external or internal). As an advocate of Alternative and Contemporary Medicine, I would love to learn and share these things to the public and be able to integrate it on other methods that would encourage more holistic healing among those who are inflicted by various pains/illness brought by dysfunctions on major body domains (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental).

Energy as quantified by Albert Einstein is represented by E=MC2, were said to be all around us. From every form of matter be it solid, liquid or gas can emit energy. It is directly proportional to mass, which tells us that the larger the field the more energy it will require. We don't see them with our naked eye, but if you want to see a subtle example that energy exist; Light up a candle, have a sheet of paper or cardboard with you just enough to cover your hands. You may need an assistance for this activity to hold the cardboard or sheet parallel to the candle for atleast 1 inch distance. On the other side of the cardboard/sheet, place you hands, facing each other at the level of the fire on the candle but do not let your fingers touch the other side of the cupboard. Rub your palms together and you will notice that  the tip of the fire follow where the tip of your fingers move. This is just one of the example.

I supposed you know that the Choroid Plexus in our brain produces Cerebrospinal fluid and the excess was absorbed by the Pachonian granulations. The responsible stimuli that made our CSF travel in our CNS is still a mystery for the researchers up to now. There is no direct impulse coming from the brain and yet the CSF moves and maintain its rhythm and course (Sutherland). Can this be energy?

Osteopaths and other Manual Therapists learned to equip energy in the lightest form of intervention. One of the reason  why these methods have been diversified to address symptoms with or without contact. Very mind boggling but the school of thought exists connecting Energy Medicine to Manual Medicine.

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 "If we are going to be truly holistic, we have to look at the whole person and design therapies that encompass the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of illness."
          Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine 


Friday, June 24, 2011


Diseases and their other names:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE
Appendicitis - CRAMP COLIC
Bovine-Spingiform Encephalopathy - CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB DISEASE
Cerebrovascular Accident - Apoplexy
Gaucher's Disease - Glucocerebrosidase deficiency
                                       Kerasin histiocytosis 
GERD - Reflux Esophagitis
Menke's Syndrome - KINKY HAIR'S DISEASE
Myesthenia Gravis - ERB-GOLDFLAM DISEASE
Osteogenesis Imperfecta - LOBSTEIN DISEASE
Poliomyelitis - Infantile Paralysis, HEINE MEDIN'S DISEASE  

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Technically, these two share a common philosophy on how to maintain the integrity of the spine. In some ways, you can always identify which is which.

CHIROPRACTORS                                                                   OSTEOPATHS

Founded By David Palmer                                                         Pioneered by Andrew Taylor Still

Rely on Xrays                                                                             May or may not rely on Xrays

Manipulates the spine by producing                                            Can adjust the spine or any articulatory                                                                                              
clicking sounds                                                                           structures in a more subtle way

Treatment time: Short(10min-20min)                                             Long  (30min, depending on the case )

May require more visits                                                                Few visits, not unless its Scoliosis


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


For the curious and hungry for professional growth, you  might want to take a look on techniques like this that might be useful to practice. I always have a rule for myself, and I hope others like me (PTs, MD) would gladly adapt on it. BE LENIENT.  Our universe has no boundaries, and so are you. The world is changing, if you have poor adaptive properties in your system, you might get lost. Don't be scared to get out on something you already know but rather have the courage to see and justify what is beyond your understanding. The science that we might think senseless or hard to quantify right now, will also stand out on the same ground to other science that you got used to. People get curious and inquisitive as time goes by. We tend to seek for answers to validate every situation, mechanism and reason. I've seen works almost similar to the principles of Janda. It's up to you how you will measure every mechanism on how it works. Let yourself grow, learn and be an epitome of multi-dimensional healing process.

Janda’s Approach to Treatment
By Dr. Vladimir Janda
1. Normalize the periphery. The Janda approach to treatment of musculoskeletal pain follows several steps. Treatment of muscle imbalance and movement impairment begins with normalizing afferent information entering the sensorimotor system. This includes providing an optimal environment for healing (by reducing effusion and protection of healing tissues, restoring proper postural alignment (through postural and ergonomic education), and correcting the biomechanics of a peripheral joint (through manual therapy techniques).

2. Restore Muscle Balance. Once peripheral structures are normalized, muscle balance is restored. Normal muscle tone surrounding joints must be restored. Sherrington’s law of reciprocal inhibition (Sherrington, 1907) states that a hypertonic antagonist muscle may be reflexively inhibiting their agonist. Therefore, in the presence of tight and/or short antagonistic muscles, restoring normal muscle tone and/or length must first be addressed before attempting to strengthen a weakened or inhibited muscle. Techniques to decrease tone must be specific to the cause of the hypertonicity. These include post-isometric relaxation (PIR) (Lewit, 1994) and post-facilitation stretch (PFS) (Janda, 1988).
Muscles that have been reflexively inhibited by tight antagonists often recover spontaneously after addressing the tightness. In the Janda approach, the coordinated firing patterns of muscle are more important than the absolute strength of muscles. The strongest muscle is not functional if it cannot contract quickly and in coordination with other muscles; therefore, isolated muscle strengthening is not emphasized in the Janda approach. Instead, muscles are facilitated to contract at the proper time during coordinated movement patterns to provide reflexive joint stabilization.

3. Increase afferent input to facilitate reflexive stabilization. Once muscle balance has been addressed, Janda stresses increasing proprioceptive input into the CNS with a specific exercise program, “Sensorimotor Training” (SMT) (Janda & Vavrova, 1996). This program increases afferent information entering the subcortical pathways (including spinocerebellar, spinothalamic, and vestibulocerebellar pathways) to facilitate automatic coordinated movements. SMT involves progressive stimulation through specific exercises with increasing level of challenge to the sensorimotor system. SMT has been proven to improve proprioception, strength, and postural stability in ankle instability (Freeman et al. 1965), knee instability (Ihara & Nakayam, 1996), and after ACL reconstruction (Pavlu & Novosadova, 2001).

4. Increase endurance in coordinated movement patterns. Finally, endurance is increased through repetitive, coordinated movement patterns. Since fatigue is a predisposing factor to compensated movement patterns, endurance is also more important than absolute strength. Exercises are performed at low intensities and high volumes to simulate activities of daily living.
The Janda approach is valuable in today’s managed care environment. Once these patterns and syndromes are identified, specific treatment can be implemented without expensive equipment. Early detection of these causes of chronic pain allows the clinician to treat the patient with fewer visits and less expensive equipment compared to traditional interventions that emphasize modalities and passive treatments. The key to the Janda approach is in the home exercise program. Inexpensive home exercise equipment such as wobble boards, elastic bands, and foam pads are used with a specific progression of exercises as the patient improves in function.

In summary, the Janda approach emphasizes the importance of the CNS in the sensorimotor system, and its role in the pathogenesis in musculoskeletal pain. In particular: the neurological pre-disposition of muscles to exhibit predictable changes in tone, and the importance of proprioception and afferent information in the regulation of muscle tone and movement. Therefore, assessment and treatment focus on the sensorimotor system, rather than the musculoskeletal system itself. Using a functional, rather than a structural approach, the cause of musculoskeletal pain can be quickly identified and addressed. The Janda approach can be a valuable tool for the clinician in the evaluation and treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain.

LINK: http://www.jandaapproach.com/the-janda-approach/janda-treatment/

Sunday, June 19, 2011



 A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.

Many of you are still boggled of the word. For me, its like a field of intellectual elements gathered together for a certain purpose. This purpose is to expand and be useful in order to sustain one's existence. I create a paradigm of healing because I want to seek a point that I could use all the disciplines and principles of any healing modality; be it PT, energy, manual or other form, running smoothly across a parallel dimension towards eclectic wellness among human race. A lot of science is yet to unfold. My mind and my heart will always be this restless until I search for it. Paradigm is like the Universe, you will always have a room for everything you need to fulfill your vision. Let's all be healed.

Friday, June 17, 2011











Visceral Manipulation
Muscle Energy
Positional Release
Still Point
Reflexive Deafferentation
Craniosacral Therapy
Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique
Multiplanar Stacking of Ease

Thursday, June 16, 2011


1. 1ST RIB





Muscle Energy Technique Advanced Biostructural Correction
 Zero Balancing
Induction Technique    
Multiplanar Stacking of Ease
High Velocity, Low Amplitude Thrust
Craniosacral Therapy
Dorn Method Therapy
Bayliss Collapse
Mulligan's Technique

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


All human beings, one way or another, experience various sorts of emotional pain. Our defenses among these negative stimuli matters with different factors on how we are engaged to our environmental, intrapersonal and interpersonal field. Survival mechanisms were handled differently among ourselves. Note with the degree of betrayal, some would succumb to all sorts of negativism; emotional eating, rants, curses or even suicidal ideations. No matter how hard our ordeals will be, God designed as to be invincible enough to surpass a heart ache brought by the ones we once called "our better half".

Technical reasons why relationships don't work does not only fall to the premises of  "one loves to many, the other loves too much" but also to some degree where in there is a phase wherein a couple experience "uncrossed mind set". It happens when two committed people reached a phase experiencing change of interest on how they will head  on  to their lives generally which coincidentally the other cannot accept or understand, together with their own perspectives. Instead of losing your own identity, regardless of how committed you are, you tend to sacrifice the choice to conitinue loving your partner because of your own little analysis that it won't work,  that in the end you might lose yourself and flooded with the "what ifs" and "what might have beens" if you chose the other way.

Aftermath of the tremendous separations and plead for utmost freedom, one suffers a massive series of sympathetic and parsympathetic ganglionic interplay, to speak of Stages of Grief:Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance (Kubler-Ross).Revealing the pathophysiology of heartaches, we often say "I love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus". This response is mediated by a specific neurotransmiter (mostly dopamine, endorphins), fire down to our peripheral nervous system to different structures, particularly mechanoreceptors (merkels disk, pacinian corpuscles). This mechanoreceptors are abundant in our lips and the ventral part of our hands. The very reason why it feels good to kiss, to touch and to embrace. Our Limbic System which is the center of our emotions, hunger and sexual stimuli and also responsible in mediating these particular reactions (Siegelman et al).    Part of it is the Hypothalamus which also process our emotions, thinking and memory in the same loop. If our thinking and our emotions has the possibility to share the same field in our brain, there could also be the chance that we can totally influence its mechanism to divert the negative loop to a positive one.

Neurolinguistic Programming was formulated by Richard Bandler in 1970s. It is an approach to psychotherapy and organizational change based on "a model of interpersonal communication chiefly concerned with the relationship between successful patterns of behavior and the subjective experiences (esp. patterns of thought) underlying them" and "a system of alternative therapy based on this which seeks to educate people in self-awareness and effective communication, and to change their patterns of mental and emotional behavior (NLP; wikipedia.org).

Neurolinguistic simply defines "language of our brain", programming is the "mind set"(Andreas et al). With this approach we can easily guide and enculcate the "cortical point" where in anyone subjected to the negative loop will gain balance along the course of the therapy. Based on my experience on several patients I tried to incorporate this practice, it could also help in identifying somatic bearings interfaced with emotional pathways. Healing the body while healing the mind. My distinct interaction on this, I tend to play an imaginary series of algorithm pattern of dichotomous field of loops (positive and negative) flashing on the patient's forehead while having a conversation on him/her. This imagery helps me to identify certain reactions, possible choices and predicted outcomes in the now or beforehand. These reacti0ns were woven together to a purpose of  annihilating the negative loops discretely while guiding his/her cortical senses to balance and live accordingly. Mind resetting so to speak. 

There are only few NLP practitioners in  the Philippines, and one of them is my mentor; Dr. Strix Toledo. I've seen a lot of his works other than NLP that can be useful in the medical field. The first time I witnessed his work on NLP, it really shocked me,  but now I'm here explaining the science of it. NLP is one of the practices in Contemporary Medicine that some will scrutinize and will find it disturbing, but if your mind has the capacity to sort out the anatomy and physiology of it. Makes sense. I would love to gather 20-30 human beings that is presently in excruciating emotional pain and share NLP with them. If anyone throw you a mundane question "Do you have a remedy/medication for the broken hearted?", YES THERE IS. In Heaven you have God, on Earth you have NLP.

"We can choose what software to install in our Neurology. And since neuroplasticity exists, when we change our minds over extended period of time, we literally change our neuron connections and the structure of the brain itself"

-Dr. Strix Toledo MD, BT, DO
NLP trainor/practitioner
European Osteopath

Monday, June 13, 2011


A lot of innovation in Back Orthosis are seen today. More fabricated, durable plastic and  more cosmetic molded were already out but I can still see some prescribed with some obsolete rigid designs. I used to have a NYU book series of Prosthesis and Orthosis during my 2nd year proper that we considered so obsolete for practice today. Most of the samples in that book were made of thick molded metal rods and leather harness. I know one hospital that is still chained to those designs and keep on producing such for patients who suffered Spinal Cord Injury. Those designs have overlooked needed properties to support and maintain proper   body alignment and should not be in the orthosis circle today. These orthoses were made to correct deformities and protect the injured part of the body. Doctors would advised their patients to wear it 23 hrs a day with only 1 hour off during exercise, or to whatever protocol they think it is necessary. For SCI patients, it is  a must, specially to those acute mid to low back injury to prevent further insult but it should not be worn for longer period of time. What if your a person that can move around and it so happened that you have a chronic back problem? This could be tremendously irritating for the patient. 

During period of immobility, the chances of muscle atrophy, muscle weakness and demineralization is more common and the possible incident of acquiring contact dermatitis due to prolong wearing of spinal braces. Thus, delaying the expected recovery time. Exercise of one hour is enough vs 23 hours of immobilization.  The work of an Orthotist once fascinated me with their ideations of helping patients to achieve recovery through corrective devices,  that maybe one day I could also venture in this field but not until I learned other better options not to rely on it in the purist sense.

I love everything about the Spine. Every muscles involved in it, articulatory structures and mechanisms makes me an excited kid. I find treating patients with back problems very challenging. During my early practice, we encountered patients with Spondylosis, Scoliosis, Slipped disk etc. My mind set during those days were you could only have a slim chance of treating such cases and a longer recovery (if there is). But with my awareness in the realms of Manual Therapy, I learned a lot of approach/discipline to influence better spinal articulation, flexibility and muscle re-education without relying too much on braces. It's like your muscles and joints could obey so easily without giving too much force and keep it that way

According to Dr. Jojo Sayson, a Physical Therapist and the first Filipino to have a degree of Doctor of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, together with Alan Hargens they studied Pathophysiology of Low Back Pain during Exposure to Microgravity. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine (2008). He visited the Philippines and I had the chance to attend on his lecture about this study. I learned from him that most of the astronauts at day 2 already starting to have physiological changes leading to discogenic low back pain and it will be much pronounced at day 5 space mission because of less compression and rotation for disc imbibition to maintain nourishment in the spinal articulation system. Due to less gravitational field, our calcium concentration in our bones become uneven, making it more dense from upper thorax to our head and less from low back down to our lower extremties (Inverted Bird Syndrome). Less calcium density can lead to fracture or could enhance other cycle of somatic injury. To prevent such occurrence, he improvised a spinal harness for space aviators that will aid in promoting enough compression and rotational movement in the back while exposed to zero to microgravity. This study was supported by NASA where he worked as a Scientist.

I have nothing against manufacturers of braces as long as the components of it were well defined for certain individuals. I'm against those orthotists who carelessly design these corrective devices without using much of their analytical skills. Assess further the needs of your client before assembling the corrective device. We are talking about patients here and as I mentioned before on my previous entry; PATIENTS FIRST. Before purchasing a back brace or orthosis, try to consider the purpose of wearing it and most important, your own comfort. Patients should not rely fully their progressions on wearing such device, it is also their obligation to help themselves to be well. It's not a sin to ask about it to your doctor or search for it while considering the pros and cons. Weigh more on the pros before acting on anything your doctor tells you. You can always have a second opinion. 

Friday, June 10, 2011


Most of us, one way or another experience pain. As an advocate of Manual Medicine, we refer that as "somatic pain". The term somatic relates to a body part and it can be on the environment. For 15 yrs that I almost lived in the hospital because of my mom's misconceptions on health, I had my little hypothesis that I'm bound with the doctors rigid protocols in terms of assessment and treatment. My id would scream at the back of my head "Hey, I know you feel maybe they missed on something they need to know that might point the whole puzzle about what's going on ".

2 yrs ago, I had the chance to learn something I could possibly incorporate with my practice in Physical Therapy. Most of us during our moments in clinical education, are bounded with what was written in the book (classical presentation, signs and symptoms, precipitating factors). In the real clinical world, it was always different one way or another. My favorite example; low back pain. There can be a lot of factors leading to that problem. It can be secondary to ligamentous strain, herniated disc, muscle imbalance, articulatory and sometimes the most subtle among these classical patterns, restricted organ. Yes, because at the level of the lumbar area has a pool of sympathetic ganglions and afferent pathways connected to the viscera. Any disruption of membrane in the viscera can also mimic symptoms of low back pain.  

Our visceral organs also encompass certain emotions that we kept for a reason. Negative emotions give signals to the viscera, which in turn causing it to contract as a form of body defense. Such contractions will lead to restriction later on affecting various organs in our body, referring pain to our shoulders, back, hip and groin.

Palpation on the viscera should not be painful, but if there is a tinge of sensation occur, possible cause is slight organ distention secondary to membrane restriction. If not well treated, it will arise on different abdominal problems like Crohns Disease, Diverticulitis to name a few. The following are the negative emotions connecting to specific organ of affectation:

HEART = remorse, duplicity, deceit, guilt, timidity, irritability

LUNGS = invalidated, smothered, bereavement

LIVER, GALL BLADDER = anger, irritability, jealousy, envy

STOMACH = worry, anxiety, emotional tension

SPLEEN = anxiety, worry, depression

COLON = deep anxiety, worry and insecurity 

KIDNEY = fear, fright, shock

Clinical Study was made in 1992 in Santa Ana, California by Gail Wetzler P.T on the effectiveness of Visceral Manipulation on Low Back Spinal Dysfunction. 30 subjects (28 females, 2 males) undergone VM treatment with age ranges 24-62 years. 53% have a history of abdominal surgery. They were treated for 3 months and noted a drop of 4-6 from their original pain scale compared to no VM. Increase in LB ROM was also noted. The study concluded that lowback spinal dysfunction can also be resolve by Visceral Manipulation.

While some researchers are crunching up some numbers on the usual gold standards. I invite other clinicians to be defiant  and be aware of other science that could be useful in the revolution of the Medical Arena and preserve mankind.


Thursday, June 9, 2011


I learned playing the piano when I was 8. I hate the basics of it. My teacher would ask me to master classical music but I was bored on it. During my idle time. I'd rather play it on some pop RNB. I would sneak into some piece in my mind that I would love to play. From BoyzIImen to other contemporary RNB that is sultry to everyone's ear. Until the age of 15, I developed the skill to play the music in my mind before I hit the key. My parents were caught dumbfounded how I was able to play without any piece in front of me. I don't know what other term you can name that kind of ability. As a kid, I knew it was a form of intuitive skills.

I looked up on other types of Intuition and among the 4 types, I have Clairsentiency. It is the ability to know information without seeing, feeling or hearing it first. I had it first when I first played the piano and it grew stronger when I was introduced to the concepts of Manual Therapy. Your mind is working like a scanner, once you feel a certain body part, you know how the structures underneath was arranged and positioned, you could easily determine any discrepancy in it---and your mind is processing too quick that you know where to fix it.  

I believe that most clinicians were experiencing what I have and was able to used that in there field of practice. A "gift" that I will always be thankful and will use it for the common good. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Turning OFF the pain is like turning the SWITCH

Or whatever SWITCH you want to turn off...

It's always as EASY as this.

Try us: (02)3592811.09152805505


I had a patient a year ago suffered from a fall. She fell on her right hand supporting her body and suffered hairline fracture on her distal radius. I ran some tests and assessments. She noted the pain was 9/10 precipitated during twisting movements and wrist extension and around 6/10 at rest and with a little limitation of motion. I was a bit anxious treating fractured elderly. My mentor then told me to try to locate therapeutic pulse as well as the natural bone oscillation to nourish and assist with the recovery. I tried to do it together with some stability exercises and with just 4 sessions, she can carry her dog without experiencing pain. Like nothing happened.

Early today I was browsing for Upledger Institute. For those who don't know him, Dr. John Upledger made a study in CST using Dura as a fulcrum.  I looked at their programs and below I saw link on International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. Through them I learned that Zero Balancing was developed by Dr. Fritz Smith that uses a skillful hand to detect pulsations and tensions of soft tissues, joints and bones creating a sense of balance. (IAHE, 2001) I never knew then what I did was also under the premise of Zero Balancing.

Before I met this patient, I always knew then that pulsation is possible only through our vessels, cranium and also with soft tissues but through the bone---is something I find baffling in the field of Manual Medicine. I was able to pick that up and proved to myself there is such Science existing in the premises of Healthcare. It's hard for stereotyping clinicians to detect therapeutic pulse but for those who have the gift like me, used it in order to address the problems deeper to its real source.
Dr. Fritz Smith

Links: Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Fritz Smith, Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, IAHE, Upledger

You can also visit www.upledger.com


I wonder how Jesus already have an idea of Craniosacral Mechanism during His time...with the way He holds everyone's forehead, it makes sense. Dr. Strix Toledo once told me about some concepts in Cranial Manipulation that when we hold the right frontal cranium, we send impulses to the right hemisphere then our body will relax or to annihilate pain. Left hemisphere is to increase muscle tone. The latter is enough to calm your raging girlfriend/wife or in laws. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Photo taken last May 2010.THE STRUCTURAL BALL..when it comes to MANUAL MEDICINE, we see the human body like this....if you can make a good change on a single segment, one change will affect the adjacent structures or even as a whole. This also gave us an idea not to further manipulate the injured area but rather the opposite or distal/proximal area sharing the same fascial terrain to enhance good healing effects. 

According to Nicolas Bouffard et al., on their study about the effects of mechanical forces on transforming growth factor beta-1 (TGF-B1) and collagen deposition, during the course of healing phase this element has a major role in tissue remodelling, scarring and fibrosis. They found out that any tissue subjected to stretch induced-therapy will lessen the amount of TGF-B1 within the tissue and will adjunct collagen formation, thus will promote further healing on other injured surface parallel to that.

"All life is manifested in energy or  motion.
 Without motion, in some degree, 
there can only be death"
-W.G. Sutherland, Osteopathy in Cranial Field

Premises good to look at about Fascial Integration:
A.T. Still Articular Ligamentous Strain Technique
Anatomy Train by Tom Myers
Egoscue Tensegrity Approach
Barral's Visceral Manipulation



 A.T. Still
Father of Osteopathy

William Garner Sutherland
Studied Osteopathy in Cranial Field
 Jean Pierre Barral
Pioneered  Visceral Manipulation

Dr. Sandro Strix Toledo
Reflexive Deafferentation Technique
one of the living legends in Manual Medicine
one of my mentors who taught me marvelous techniques to kill pain

Monday, June 6, 2011







When Einstein died, Dr. Thomas Harvey stole his brain and ran an autopsy on it. They found out it was rich in gray mater. Temporal lobes were prominent giving it a peculiar shape for a human brain. Scientists made a statistics that with his remarkable intelligence during his time, he had only use 50% of its brain. Average human being is only 0.1 -10%. In 1996, Britt Anderson had a study in University of Alabama regarding "Alterations in Cortical Thickness and Neuronal Density in the Frontal Cortex of Albert Einstein". He measured the thickness of its cortex and count the number of nerve cells in it, compared to 5 brains of men close to Einstein's age. He found out that there is no significant difference in cell counts and the size of cell bodies. He also concluded that Einstein's cortex is smaller compared to the control group. Another Canadian researcher explained that the more dense packed cortex has provided an edge to more processing time. Distance between nerve cells allow shorter interaction time.

Our brain is the most complex, multidimensional and powerful organ in our body, creating arrays of control in various systems/organs in order for us to survive our day to day existence. Each part of it has a corresponding task to take care of our breathing pattern, sleep-wake cycles, hormones, enzymes, hunger, satiety and other processes that are not known to common people. There are some techniques that would solve visceral problems or muscular tone problems through it. With its numerous pathways connecting to various structure in our body, its not impossible to produce a baffling input of healing on it. One of my mentors would tell us "If you can heal the mind, the body will follow". It make sense on my everyday practice. I used the brain as a vector force to have a positive effect on other structures concerned. MULTIDIMENSIONAL -In terms of emotions, our brain governs our emotions but it can be manipulated, reset on various emotions we want/need to. Internal vs. External Stimuli POWERFUL- Our brain could act beyond the scope of our body functions, let say with the mentalist. They can move objects through their minds without body contact. Things that I'm not well verse yet but considered flagrant.

Still surprised on various area of our brain that specific processes occur linking to our behavior/reactions to environment and other life forms. It gives me the thrill to belittle every concept that fully depicts its mechanism to put the entire world in place. Even if I tried to read a lot of books pertaining to the neural system, there will always be a room for questions on what else we missed as curious clinicians about other things our brain can manifest. What are the things that are yet to discover regarding our brains that will expand our clinical awareness and will benefit to the existence of mankind? As time flies,  everything is evolving, and there is always a room for change, I can't wait to discover more about the brain and everything associated on it. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011






>the last quote was the most neglected phrase among clinicians, based on my observation. I had a friend who went to a "doctor" because of her acute low back pain a year ago. Pain is exaggerating everytime she is wearing high heeled shoes. According to some Kinesiology books that I've read, wearing such shoes alters the biomechanical properties in our body (center of gravity, base of support). This will give too much stress on dynamic (muscles) and static (tendons, ligaments) stabilizers of our body. Stress will induce pain. Pain lead to dysfunctions. Dysfunction lead to suffering..so on so forth. This obsolete practicing doctor advised her to take Arcoxia for pain for 2 weeks and scheduled for another consultation. My friend was asking for medical certificate that will clear her not to wear any high heeled shoes anymore because of her condition, her workplace strictly mandated the rules about wearing such shoes during office hours and she don't want to bear the same pain, but this stupid doctor refused because she already prescribed a medicine for her. IT IS CLEAR ACCORDING TO THE PATIENT THAT THE SYMPTOMS WORSEN WHILE WEARING THE SHOES, WHY GIVING THE CRAP NOT TO GIVE HER ANY MEDICAL CERTIFICATE? IT'S THE DOCTOR'S RESPONSIBILITY TO GIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE UPON PATIENT'S REQUEST. WHY HAVE SUCH FAITH IN PAIN KILLERS? ARE THEIR MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES AROUND YOU THAT PROMISED YOU TO GIVE YOU COMMISSION ON EVERY ARCOXIA YOU WILL PRESCRIBE? HOW GOOD IS YOUR ASSESSMENT TOOL TO IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM AS ACUTE LOW BACK PAIN?

According to Pharmacology Book by Ciccone and Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists by Goodman and Snyder, pain killers in NSAID form will have a side effect of gastrointestinal irritation because in our body, we have these type 1 and type 2 prostaglandin. Type 1P is the one that causing us pain and type 2P protects our stomach wall. Their typical drug reaction is to wipe out every prostaglandin in there way, regardless if they are type 1 or type 2. Are these things were explained by your doctor? There are also pain killers that induces hypertension. Before getting some over the counter drugs, THINK IT OVER.

 To the budding physicians out there, I CHALLENGE YOU TO BECOME A GOOD PHYSICIAN/CLINICIAN YOU COULD BE..THAT SHOULD BE. Specially my fellow Physiotherapists, look closely to the problem of the patient. Do not rely on what has been taught to you years ago. Human body processes and reaction to various stimuli changes, so as your approach dealing them. Keep an eye on other precipitating factors, compensatory mechanism to other structures, the primary vs secondary problem, red flag vs yellow flag signs and most important, the LEVEL OF PAIN of the patient. Your patients will love you if you deal with their ailments accurately.

I bet you don't want to be one of this kind of doctor


Written by Allen Lawrence, M.D.   
Healing is not unidimensional, that is there is not just one way of healing or one thing we can think of, believe in, or give power too, that leads to or creates healing. Healing while omnipresent, is multidimensional, that is, there are many ways to create healing, types of healing, many pathways to healing and many results that can be called healing. Healing is al around us, all of the time and part of everything. The truth is so are illness and death, they too are part of us, surround us and are all around us all of the time. In this section however, we will look at just a few of the many types of healing which are known to exist. We cannot make any claims that this list is either all inclusive nor that it represents every type of healing which is possible or available. Our goal here is to educate and inform and to help the reader recognize that there are many ways to get to the same place, that there are many ways to look for and find, and be healed. We will also look at illness and death in other documents as understanding them is also essential in understanding healing.

Spontaneous/Instant Healing

When healing appears to occur suddenly with or without cause, with or without preparation, work, reason, logic, planning or a specific healing program.

Often this is an illusion as the individual has usually been consciously or unconsciously thinking about or taking action toward solving unresolved conflicts or problems for some period of time prior to the “healing.” In many cases, while the healing may seems to occur “right now,” the ground work and work needed for it to occur has been in process for weeks, months or even years.


Any healing that is accomplished by the individual, with or without help. All healing requires the consent or the permission and intention of the person who is being healed. This consent may be given before the process of healing by allowing the healing process or openly seeking it out, or it may be given after the healing has occurred. When consent is not given healing is either blocked or delayed. When healed spontaneously and consent is not allowed after the healing process has taken place, what often happens next may be refer to as “relapse,” the condition returns.

Whether or not an individuals uses the help of another person, a specific healing program, sacred healing objects, chants, potions is less important than the fact that they allowed the healing process to take place, they desired the healing, and they did whatever was necessary to facilitate it.

Complete spontaneous healing can take without conscious aware permission. It can also take place when the person resists healing, the healing process, the efforts of others, the use of objects, sacred or profane. This can happen when the higher levels of awake consciousness, or when the Higher Self, superego, Devine self or guardian angles mandate that it will happen. It can happen when the person is unaware or uncooperative, if it is the right thing to happen at that time. This healing may be permanent and complete, if it is what is appropriately determined by the individuals higher centers of being.

Medical Healing

This implies that the individual has sought the help of a medical physician or is undergoing medical treatment programs. To do this they must consult, consent and allow medical treatment, including but not limited to the laying on of hands, receiving medical, anatomical, physiologic information, medications, surgery, physical therapy, or any other treatment or treatments considered to be “medical” in nature or usually associated with a medical treatment program. The individual then allows and accepts the above treatment with the express intention of “getting better,” “returning to wellness,” of being healed” or “receiving healing.”

Alternative Medical Healing

The individual seeks out, consents, allows, encourages and participates in a one or many forms of alternative medical treatment programs, that is in a discipline or disciplines other than in a standard Western allopathic medical setting. This could include disciplines such as osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture or acupressure, massage, use of herbs, Oriental medicine, etc.

In the above situation the individual allows and accepts treatments with the clear intention of “getting better,” “returning to wellness,” or of “being healed.”

Alternative Healing

The individual seeks out some form of healing which he or she has confidence in or some intention that it will cause healing or help them to “get better,” “return to wellness,” “heal” or “be healed.” 

This could include self counseling, defense programs, meditation, shamanism, the use of jewelry, gemstones, colors, horoscopes, divinations or self created programs not related to a specific organized healing discipline.

Integrative (Combined) Healing

A combination of strategies, disciplines, teachings and techniques which embody elements, in whole or in part, of all other forms of healing including Western allopathic medicine, alternative medical healing and alternative healing systems. The individual on his or her own, or with or without the help of a healer, or as part of a medical or alternative medical treatment program creates a healing program combining and utilizing multiple healing disciplines and system for promote healing. The individual allows and accepts healing. Generally speaking the way this term is currently used there is generally some role that western allopathic medicine will usually play in the final healing program.

Healer Moderated/Facilitated Healing

When the individual contracts with, hires or accepts the help, support or design of another person who advertises, claims or considers him or herself to be a healer or offers a healing program, this is a healing moderator or facilitator. We often use the word “healer” to describe this person.

  1. The moderator may completely and totally design the healing program, then instruct and facilitate the use of the program.
  2. The moderator may work with the individual to co-design the healing program with approximately equal input on the end program created by both parties.
  3. The “patient” or “client,” the individual with the illness, may entirely design the program and use the moderator to facilitate or help with issues of design, implementation, or support for the healing program and its process.
  4. The individual and moderator may workout any relationship wherein both are comfortable. If one is not comfortable this will usually mean that the relationship is not working and the final ability to create healing will likely come into question.

Group Healing

An individual joins a group and a large part of the work toward healing is based on the dynamics of the group. The group can be simple such as a support group or complex such as an organized process with specific assignments and rules. A cult could qualify as a group. Alcohol Anonymous could qualify as a group. Groups designed for support such as cancer support groups, group therapy or group counseling could also qualify as healing groups. In the Hawaiian tradition the Ho’oponopono process, is a group process.

Prayer Healing

Any healing program based on prayer, either local, immediate or centralized, such as a church, at home, or in a group, or at a distance (decentralized) such as a loosely organized prayer group praying for a sick friend or parishioner would be consider to be a prayer healing process. Prayer healing could be an individual process where the “patient” prays on their own, a small group process such as friends and family, or a large group process such as a church or religious organization effort. Huna prayer is a non religious form of prayer frequently used for healing.

Religious Prayer Healing

When prayer is based around the beliefs, organization or auspices of a defined religious group, that is one based on the tenets of a formalized or organized religion, whether God based or humanistic.

Non-Religious Prayer Healing 

When based on or around a non-organized non-religious form of prayer, such as Huna prayer, poetry, meditative reading, communing with nature, calling upon earth or nature spirits.

Spiritual Prayer Healing

When based around a self-defined, religious or non-religious construct of a higher power, higher universal intelligence, nature spirits or parental-family spirits. A spiritual based prayer system may be, but does not have to be, based on any organized religious principles.

Educational/Intellectual Healing

Creating a healing system based on knowledge and wisdom, intellect and seeking information, rather than a specific medical or religious doctrine or set of beliefs. The individual uses information and knowledge to create healing. Sometimes may be called a “scientific approach.” Healing through insight based on educational pursuits such as problem solving or learning how to communicate with others in a more appropriate and healthy way. Correcting misinformation and hence making better healthier decisions. One could include in this construct use of the information in the Bible, Koran or other works of literature as a healing tools, rather than for their religious doctrine.

Problem Solving Healing

The recognition that certain problems or unresolved conflicts are causing and or potentiating illness, stress or emotional, mental or spiritual turmoil hence leading to illness and that the resolution of these problems using problems solving techniques or simply solving the problems which have caused the illness, can lead to healing.

Shamanistic Healing

Healing through auspices of an individual or group designated as shamanistic, relating to an individual or group which acts as an intermediary or medium, a shaman, between the “real” or “visible” world and the “spirit” or unseen world of the spirits. Often thought of as magic, sorcery or divination. This might include African, Haitian, Siberian or Native American medicine and healing strategies and programs.

Dietary, Food Based, Healing

When healing is based principally around use of specific diet, foods, vitamin-mineral supplements or other nutrients which are used either in normal amounts or extreme dosages such as mega-vitamin therapy. This might include macrobiotics diets, use of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, all green, red, or white foods only, vegetarian diet, fruit only diet, Pritikin diet, South Beach diet, elimination of certain foods or the manipulation of types and amounts of food eaten such as in a low salt diet or diabetic diet. When food is used as the main thrust of the healing program.

Healing At A Distance

When healing is not a direct action or choice is taken from or not made by the person to be healed. When action is taken by others, an individual or a group, through prayer, meditation or using “treatments” either known or unknown to the person being healed. When healing is accomplished over time and over a distance from the person who is being healed. When healing is not through direct contact with the person who is being healed.

Touch Healing

When healing is directly associated with some form of touching, direct manipulation or handling of the “sick” person. This can be through random touch, directed or purposeful touch, organized rituals, massage, psychic touching (mentally with no actual physical contact) such as sending out psychic “hands,” energy waves with or without mental contact.

Healing Touch 

Healing touch is a controversial healing technique. It is considered to be an "energy therapy," which embraces a group of non-invasive techniques that utilize the hands to clear, energize, and balance the human and environmental energy fields. While these "energy fields" have never been proven to exist by Western medicine they stand as the basis of oriental medicine. With some similarities to Reiki, Healing Touch offers more techniques for physical, emotional and spiritual balancing. "Healers" claim the various "Healing Touch" techniques re-pattern and align the body’s energy field hence allowing our innate healing process to be triggered or work more effectively.

Ritual Healing

A ritual is any series of actions that are interpreted by the patient and the healer as having meaning and facilitating healing. These actions may be religious or non religious in nature. During the ritual one of two things happen: 1) the patients/client (the sick person), transfers power to the healer to facilitate or allow healing, 2) the patient/client takes power from the healer and the ritual to activate intrinsic healing mechanisms. Hence a “healing ritual” is any process Western medicine, alternative medicine, Oriental, or shamanistic healers uses as part of their healing or treatment program. While ritual are often thought of as being part of alternative, shamanistic healing processes they clearly exist as part of the main basis of Western allopathic medicine. Here the rituals have been cloaked in “science.” 

In Western medicine, the patient must call and make an appointment with the doctor, fill out forms, wait in the waiting room until called, get his or her weight, blood pressure, pulse and respirations taken, take off clothing, sit on examination table and then the physician cloaked in the robes of his healing profession, the white coat or smock, he places a stethoscope on the heart and lungs, looks in the throat, feels various parts of the body and then makes a diagnosis. All of this is a type of ritual which is expected by the patient. If this ritual is not done, it may leave the patient feeling as if something has not been done, as if the visit (ritual) is incomplete, and healing this may block the healing process.

Hybrid Healing

Making all of this more complicated and exciting is the fact that any one technique or method of healing may be blended with any number of other types and techniques of healing. An individual working on self healing or a healer working with a client may use multiple techniques in random or specific order to accomplish planned or unplanned results. Hence one may use music with meditation, while holding a sacred gem stone on a day and time that the individuals horoscope said their planets was in the exact alignment to allow healing. This same individual may have just seen their medical doctor and had a prescription changed and then stopped off at their accounts or attorney’s office and arranged for a unresolved financial or legal issue to be resolved. Which of these is ultimately responsible for the healing that takes place is unimportant, all were, none were, the action of doing all of these things was, the intention to get well facilitated it, the actions taken supported resolution and healing. Without having done some or all of these healing may or may not have been possible. By doing any one thing or the exact combination of things done healing may well have been triggered. If healing was not accomplished this may mean that the individual did not have perfect intention or that something was left out or that it just needs to be repeated a few more times or that the combination is not yet right.

Ultimately healing occurs when you are ready for it to happen and when the time is right for it to happen. In the best of all worlds we would not worry about it, we would just do what was necessary. What your instinct, gut or heart tells you is right.

There are many other types of healing processes. If you use or know of ones other than what we have already listed please forward it on to us to add to the above list.